Why walnut grit is the best material for car engine cleaning?

We know, the main purpose of car engine cleaning is to clean the carbon deposits in the engine. Carbon is the fuel and string into the combustion chamber of the lubricating oil in the incomplete combustion, the gum produced, thus adhering to the intake/exhaust valve, cylinder edge, the top of the piston, spark plug, and combustion chamber, after the engine repeatedly under the action of high temperature, and constantly accumulate the formation of hard gum carbon. Carbon buildup is caused by incomplete combustion of gasoline entering the cylinder, and there are various reasons for this situation, such as the use of poor quality fuel, too much urban road driving, insufficient ignition spark, etc.

car engine carbon deposits
Carbon can affect the engine’s idle speed is unstable, high, and low, and even produce engine failure, leading to poor acceleration, driving powerlessness, and increased more fuel consumption.

Common ways to clean car engines

Engine cleaning involves internal and external, the external engine is exposed in the engine compartment, generally rarely cleaned, therefore, the usual engine cleaner is the internal engine cleaner or called cleaning fluid, which is a kind of internal engine cleaning sludge, carbon, gum, and other harmful substances, to keep the engine clean, enhance oil flow, reduce wear, extend the service life of the engine car maintenance It is a kind of car maintenance product used to clean the engine internal oil sludge, carbon, gum, and other harmful substances, keep the engine internal clean, enhance oil flow, reduce wear and tear, and prolong the engine life. Due to the precision of the engine structure, engine cleaning are used to disassemble the way, so the engine cleaner is also called free engine cleaner.

clean fluid for car engine cleaning

The operation is simple and convenient, the cost is also very low, but the disadvantage is that the effect is not very good, dealing with serious carbon is basically ineffective.

Use walnut grit to clean the engine

BMW was the first to use walnut grit for engine cleaning because chemical cleaning fluids can be risky, while walnut grit has better results in cleaning engine carbon. Walnut grit is made from walnut shells, which are crushed and refined through strict screening and classification and multiple processes, and have the advantages of high hardness, high pressure resistance and abrasion resistance, strong adsorption, and pollution interception ability, and are not corrosive. Using it as abrasive will not damage the surface of the workpiece, and using walnut grit to flush out carbon does not harm the engine and is effective.

walnut grit for car engine cleaning

The best engine cleaning machine with walnut grit

Walnut sand cleaning requires the use of professional equipment, and now there are many cleaning machines on the market that use walnut sand as a material. For example, Autool HTS558, which is one of the best walnut sand cleaning machines I think.

autool hts558 walnut for car engine cleaning
The technical process of Autool HTS558 is mature enough to deeply remove the highly sticky carbon deposits on the intake manifold and intake and exhaust valves. Autool promises a 3-year warranty, so you don’t have to worry about after-sales service.

autool hts558 malnut grit for car engine cleaning2
You can see how to operate the Autool HTS558 in the video below.

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