The best tool for cleaning fuel injectors

Although the car injector nozzle is only a little big,  its importance can never be ignored. The main role of the injector nozzle is to atomize the gasoline. When the injector nozzle fails, you will feel the car’s power drop, fuel consumption rise and idle speed is unstable. So doing regular fuel injector cleaning is an important part of car maintenance.

car fuel injector

When should you clean your fuel injectors?

There are many ways to determine if an injector should be cleaned, but when the injector is only slightly clogged, it is not a simple matter for many people to determine if it should be cleaned. Therefore, here are a few commonly used methods.
1. When the vehicle starts in first gear, there will be obvious shaking of the body, and the shaking of the car disappears when driving in high-speed gear.
2. To check the gasoline filter, you need to remove the external gasoline filter and check whether the color of the gasoline inside is black with many impurities. If so, it proves that the gasoline filter element filtering effect is reduced and will seriously block the fuel injector.
3. The fuel consumption suddenly increased greatly, and at the same time, I felt the power of the engine decrease。
4. Put a white paper towel at the end of the vehicle’s exhaust pipe, put the white paper towel close to the exhaust gas emitted from the exhaust pipe, after a period of time if the paper towel becomes black, indicating that the mixture does not burn sufficiently, it is necessary to check the injectors.

car fuel injector cleaning

Best tool for cleaning fuel injectors

More people use the injector cleaning fluid, this method is simple to operate, but the cleaning effect is not particularly good. So if you want to get the perfect injector cleaning effect, this method is not suitable to use.
Then there is the method I am going to introduce today, ultrasonic cleaner cleaning. The working method is to remove the injector from the engine and install it on the ultrasonic cleaning tank to clean it, you can get a high-quality cleaning. In addition, you can also check the atomization condition of the injector.


So how to choose a good ultrasonic cleaning machine? That is the tool I want to recommend today – AUTOOL CT180. it is an intelligent injector cleaning and testing equipment with intelligent control. Equipped with an ultrasonic cleaning tank, it can send an oscillation signal to the injector to remove the stubborn carbon on the injector. It can test injectors under different conditions, such as sprayability test, leakage test, injection flow test, etc. It is comprehensive and powerful. With proven technology and quality assurance. More importantly, the price is more advantageous than other machines on the market.

AUTOOL CT180 fuel injector tester and cleaner

Main Function of AUTOOL CT180

  • Ultrasonic cleaning;
  • Uniformity/Spray-ability test;
  • Leakage test;
  • Injecting flow test;
  • Automatic test;
  • On-vehicle cleaning;
  • Reverse flush.

If you are looking to deep clean your injectors, it can make everything easy. You can watch the video below to see how the machine operates.

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