How to change the brake fluid of a car?

Regarding the maintenance of the brake system, most car owners focus on the brake pads, while the brake fluid, which is also vital, is often neglected. Regarding brake system maintenance, most car owners focus on the brake pads, while the brake fluid, which is also vital, is often neglected. Brake fluid should be replaced after a certain period of time, otherwise it will cause bad effects such as power loss and brake failure.

car brake system

How to determine if a brake fluid change is needed

The first method: According to the “maintenance manual”: 2 years or 40,000 kilometers, or visual cloudy naked eye, resolutely replace!
The second method: Through “professional testing equipment” check, water content reaches 2.5%, or boiling point below 230 ℃, mandatory replacement!
Now that you are ready to enter winter, if you find that the braking effect decreases, it is possible that the brake fluid level is not adapted to the winter climate, at this time to replace the new brake fluid, you should choose a brake fluid with low viscosity at low brake fluid change

Several methods of brake fluid replacement

There are many ways to change the brake fluid. In the past, many people would lift the car with a lift, and one person would be responsible for applying the brakes in the cab, and one person would be responsible for bleeding the brake sub-pump at each wheel under the car. When the brakes were applied, the brake fluid was sprayed out by opening the pump’s sub-exhaust screw. Discharge the old brake fluid like this, add new oil to the brake oil pot in the cabin above, discharge the old oil and the new oil will enter the pipe, wait until you see the color of the new oil, make a good sub-pump and repeat for another wheel. This method is very troublesome, the brake fluid pressure is very high when braking, so discharge a lot of brake fluid in the rear wheels.

car brake fluid change method
Further improvement is to use vacuum suction, you can use a pumping pump, vacuum pump or large syringe, first use a hose to pump out the old oil in the brake oil pot, add new oil, with each sub-pump exhaust screw hole for vacuum suction, the speed is fast, a sub-pump takes about 2 minutes to complete, in the brake oil pot filled with new oil, four-wheel sub-pump after completion, for safety reasons or the car for brake Exhaust operation.

A more advanced oil change method is to use a brake oil change machine. There are many advanced change machines, such as AUTOOL’s AST605 brake fluid change machine, where one sub-pump changes the oil at the same time, which is fast and labor-saving. At the same time, it adopts adjustable pulse oil change, which can effectively clean the pipeline and ensure the oil change effect. The air inlet is equipped with a water separation filter, which can separate the water in the air and avoid mixing with the oil to ensure the quality.

AUTOOL AST605 brake fluid changer
The brake fluid changer will be more convenient and efficient in comparison, and there is no need to go to a repair store for replacement, which is a good method for owners who like to do it themselves.

If you wanna know more details about AUTOOL AST605, you can watch the video below:


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