Will injector cleaner be harmful to your car ?

We’ve all seen ads for fuel injector cleaners on TV, in magazines, and in the automotive section of our local stores. The ads usually promise performance gains and better fuel economy, accompanied by very convincing before and after use comparison photos showing how well the fuel injector cleaner cleans. But, are these ads real?


Limitations of Injector Cleaners

Over time, fuel injectors can build up deposits that cause clogging and poor performance. Many injector cleaners claim they can remove the buildup from the injectors. Honestly, adding injector cleaner to the fuel tank is not that effective. While simply pouring the contents of the container into the tank will remove some deposits from the fuel system, it really isn’t as effective as you might believe the marketing would suggest. If the cleaner is not compatible with the vehicle system or is of poor quality, it may not dissolve the particles adequately and cause problems.

In order to properly clean the portion of the fuel system that has a lot of deposits, the system needs to be drained and part of it disassembled. Only then can the fuel system components be properly and thoroughly cleaned.

Potential problems with injector cleaners

It generally takes about a week to see a noticeable effect of injector cleaner on engine and vehicle performance, and the use of cleaner can have the following problems.
1. the vehicle still has a clogged fuel system
2. Damage to the fuel pump and tank liner
3. incompatible fuel tank cleaners are used
4. Damaged sensors

If too much cleaner is added

If you add too much injector cleaner to your car, you may damage the fuel tank liner. In addition, you may notice a decrease in engine performance and fuel efficiency. Drive your car until you fill the tank about a quarter full, then add some fresh gasoline to balance it out.
Some drivers worry that using too many cleaners will increase the viscosity of the oil, but there is no conclusive evidence of this. Check the ingredients, as most cleaners do not have corrosive solvents that can corrode seals or hoses.


Better injector cleaner

Some injector cleaners may be better cleaners, and some machines use a more effective way of cleaning without damaging your car, such as AUTOOL CT400 GDI fuel injector cleaner, which is a great upgrade with the latest GDI design that cleans and tests not only standard injectors but also GDI injectors.

AUTOOL CT400 injector cleaner

It uses ultrasonic cleaning for better cleaning results. This is a machine worth buying. You can watch the following video for more information about AUTOOL CT400.

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