How Dry Ice Machines Make Cleaning Easier

Ice is used as a cooling agent by many industries worldwide. But not many use it for cleaning purposes. In fact, most people are unaware of the fact that dry ice can efficiently clean stubborn stains and extremely dirty surfaces.

So, how do you get dry ice on demand? It is after all not that easy to acquire. Well, you buy a dry ice machine and let it do the work for you. Such a machine makes dry ice whenever and wherever you want. You only need a stable electricity connection and the input chemicals.

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How does a dry ice cleaner work?

The dry ice machine takes low-pressure CO2 in liquid form and transforms it into ice through various chemical processes. First, carbon dioxide is captured in its gaseous state. Then it is cooled and pressurized to create liquid CO2. The liquid is then put inside a chamber inside the dry ice machine where the CO2 is exposed to atmospheric pressure. The chemical reaction that follows, results in dry ice snow and carbon dioxide gas. The excess CO2 gas is usually captured back into containers, where it’s taken through the first process, and the cycle continues.

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Advantages of Dry Ice cleaner

– The biggest advantage of dry ice is that it doesn’t melt like conventional ice. Since it is solidified carbon dioxide, there is no byproduct like water. The ice turns into vapor on losing its temperature. Therefore, you don’t risk dampening any materials and spoiling them.
– Dry ice is commonly used as a cleaning agent in industries and commercial locations. The ice is blasted through a machine to clean even the dirtiest surfaces like carbon deposits, grease, paint, etc.
– Dry ice does not act as a catalyst to speed up the corrosion process. That’s why it is used in the automotive industry quite effectively.

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Best Dry Ice Machine for car

Although dry ice is used for many purposes, one of its best applications is in cleaning. You will find dry ice machines at many automotive workshops where they use them for cleaning stubborn stains. In our opinion, the best one in the market currently is the AUTOOL HTS708.

autool hts708 dry ice cleaner

This dry ice cleaning machine costs around $3400. But it does the work like no other. The AUTOOL HTS708 dry ice blaster can dispense as much as 3.2kg of dry ice in a minute. Moreover, it is portable and weighs not more than 60 kg.

It is also made up of high-quality materials, so you don’t have to worry about reliability being an issue.

dry ice cleaner AUTOOL HTS708

If you are looking for such a car dry ice cleaning machine, HTS708 must be a good choice, you can watch the movie below:

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