The most ecological cleaning solution for cars — dry ice cleaning

What is dry ice cleaning machine

Dry ice cleaning machine is a kind of cleaning machine, dry ice cleaning method has been developed rapidly in the world. The cleaning system through high-pressure air dry ice cleaning machine dry ice particles sprayed to the work surface to be cleaned, using the physical reaction of temperature difference to make different substances in different contraction speed to produce detachment. When the -78 degree Celsius dry ice pellets touch the surface of the dirt, it will produce a brittle explosion phenomenon, which will make the dirt shrink and loosen, and then the dry ice pellets will instantly vaporize and expand 800 times, producing a strong stripping force, which will quickly and completely remove the dirt from the surface of the object, so as to achieve a fast, efficient, safe and energy-saving cleaning effect.

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The carbon dioxide used in dry ice cleaning comes from industrial waste gas, high altitude air separation and so on. Dry ice cleaning itself does not produce carbon dioxide.

Cleaning method of dry ice machine

Similar to steel sandblasting, glass sandblasting, plastic sandblasting, and soda blasting, dry ice blasting media dry ice particles are accelerated in a high-pressure air stream and impact the surface to be cleaned. The unique feature of dry ice cleaning is that the dry ice particles the impacted by instantaneous vaporization. The momentum of dry ice particles disappears at the moment of impact. Dry ice particles and cleaning surface between the rapid heat exchange. This causes the solid CO2 to sublimate rapidly into a gas. The volume of dry ice particles expands nearly 800 times in a few thousandths of a second, thus causing a “mini-explosion” at the point of impact. Since the CO2 is evaporated, the dry ice cleaning process does not produce any secondary waste, leaving only the removed dirt to be collected and cleaned.

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Advantages of dry ice cleaning machine

1. Saving cost Carbon dioxide is a component of the atmosphere, so it is very convenient and cheap to use.

2. Dry cleaning process

3. No pollution to the environment

4. Prolong the service life of the equipment

5. Use a wide range

Dry ice cleaning machine recommended

AUTOOL HTS708 is an advanced dry ice blasting machine with an intelligent internal microcomputer designed to precisely control the pressure. Thanks to its adjustable control of air pressure and ice speed, it can be optimally adapted to cleaning tasks. Ideal for a wide range of applications in automotive, electric power, rubber, plastic, chemical, printing, food, pharmaceutical, foundry, marine, aviation, etc. It will surely bring you a different experience and effect of use.

dry ice cleaning machine

If you are interested in this product, you can watch the video below for more product details

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