The Best Tool to Detect Leakages in the Vehicle’s Pipe System

Has this ever happened to you that you are on your long drive trip and suddenly your car stops in the middle of a highway? You come out of your car open the bonnet of your car, but you don’t see any problem. You again get into the car and try to start it, but is don’t get started. Now you are standing in the middle of the road, and no one is around to help you. You are frustrated and helpless. This usually happens when there is a leakage in the pipe connecting your oil tank to your engine. The air enters the pipe, and the car suddenly stops. So, it is really important to check for leakage in the pipe system of your car. It is said that we need to solve the problem at its nascent level before it turns into a monster. Solving the problem at the early stage saves both time, energy, and cost. If you don’t solve the issues at their earliest stage, it causes a ripple effect and creates many other problems. It is particularly true in the case of vehicles. One such problem is the leakage of smoke from different parts of your vehicle. This leakage can be the symptom of some bigger problem or a harbinger of some critical issue that requires a solution with an immediate effect. So, is there any way to detect these leakages in the pipe system of vehicles? The answer is a big yes. AUTOOL is a multinational company that manufactures a device called AUTOOL SDT 206, which is very effective and accurate in detecting the small leakages in the pipe system of vehicles. This tool is very effective and accurate in detecting leakages in the pipe system in vehicles. In addition, it is also used for fuel tank system tests, various pipe fitting tests, turbo system tests, crankcase system tests, intake system tests, exhaust system tests, car sealing tests, and EVAP system tests. In brief, this tool is a multi-purpose tool that helps you to find leakage issues in your vehicle and help you to keep your car safe and defect-free. In addition, it has also the capacity to detect the exact location of multiple leakages in the pipe system. The smoke coming out of the pipe system pin points the exact location of the leakage point during the inspection.  So, what are you waiting for? Get your AUTOOL SDT 206 and make your vehicle pipe system leakage-free.

How to use AUTOOL SDT206

  • Step 1: Add 5-10 ml of smoke detector oil to the tank
  • Step 2: Turn on the device, then block the smoke exhaust port on SDT 206
  • Step 3: Record pressure gauge value on SDT 206
  • Step 4: Connect smoke exhaust port to the pipe system you want to test
  • Step 5: Wait for a while
  • Step 6: Record pressure gauge value on SDT 206 again; if it decreases, it means the pipe system has a leakage.
  • Step 7:If there is a leakage, you can visibly see smoke coming out of the leakage, helping you find the leakage location directly.
That’s it.  For practical demonstration, watch this video.
So, if you need a tool that can help you find the location of a pipe leak quickly, Autool SDT206 is definitely your very best choice!

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