Principle of dry ice cleaning for car engine carbon deposits

Dry ice cleaning of engine carbon is the best way

Dry ice cleaning uses high-pressure air to spray dry ice pellets onto the surface to be cleaned. The accelerated change in momentum causes the dry ice to melt rapidly. You know the principle of thermal expansion and contraction. The high-temperature piston is wrapped in dry ice pellets (-78.5°C). The temperature difference between the two rapidly separates the carbon deposits on the surface, and the carbon deposits on the surface rapidly become brittle and break up.

After the dry ice particles penetrate the dust cracks, their volume rapidly expands 600 to 800 times, and the dirt is peeled off the object’s surface. Then it flies out along the gaseous carbon dioxide. There is no damage to the surface of the object being cleaned or to the metal surface, and the finish of the metal surface is also not affected. Dry ice removal of carbon deposits is an entirely harmless technology.


Application Scope of Dry Ice Cleaning: Dry ice cleaning has been widely used in the foundry industry worldwide. Most of the foundry industry has shifted from dry ice cleaning to cleaning sand core molds and fixed molds; in addition, dry ice cleaning is also used in the automotive industry, aerospace and power industry, petrochemical, food and pharmaceutical, printing industry, shipbuilding industry, etc.

Dry ice cleaning principle: mainly using the intense pressure of the air compressor gas as a carrier, and then dry ice particles as accelerating particles, through a particular jet cleaning machine sprayed to the surface of the object to be cleaned, the use of momentum changes, sublimation, melting and other effects. The energy transformation of the solid dry ice particles moving at high speed makes the dirt, oil and residual impurities on the surface of the object to be cleaned freeze rapidly, thus condensing, becoming brittle and being peeled off while being removed with the airflow. It does not cause any damage to the surface of the object to be cleaned, especially metal surfaces, and does not affect the finish of metal surfaces.

What parts of the car can be cleaned with dry ice


Dry ice cleaner is used in car engines to clean combustion chambers, intake valves, engine chambers, etc. It can also be used on chassis and brake pads. It can also be used for chassis and brake pad cleaning and maintenance.

The advantages of dry ice cleaning vehicles are that they can be cleaned quickly, environmentally friendly and safe (no damage to plastic, metal and rubber parts). Usually, it is more suitable for high-end cars in the automotive industry, with low cleaning costs and good results.

The best dry ice blast cleaner

AUTOOL HTS708 dry ice washer is able to clean all kinds of equipment. With this cleaning technology, on the one hand, production interruptions caused by downtime can be avoided, and on the other hand, disassembly and damage to the equipment can be reduced, which fundamentally protects the equipment and increases productivity.

I have previously introduced the use of the HTS558 Walnut Grit Cleaner to remove engine carbon deposits. Compared with the dry ice blast washer HTS708, the HTS558 is relatively single function and not widely used.


  • 1. [Good helper for auto mechanics] It can thoroughly clean the carbon in various parts of the car (such as throttle, intake valve, engine parts, cylinder combustion chamber, wheel hub, etc.) without disassembling the cleaning parts. This effectively reduces the cleaning time and greatly improves efficiency.
  • 2. [Avoid harm to personnel by harmful substances] Cleaning with dry ice instead of toxic chemicals can prevent harmful substances from sticking to the equipment for a long time, affecting the overall operation and causing harm to personnel.
  • 3. [Quickly remove all kinds of stubborn dirt] with a dry ice blasting cleaning machine, you can thoroughly remove the attached dirt, the equipment also has good protection to avoid affecting the operation of the equipment and the use of the cleaning at the same time.
  • 4. [Wide range of applications] AUTOOL HTS708 dry ice jet cleaner is widely used in rubber, casting, automotive, marine, electric power, chemical, printing, plastic, food, pharmaceutical, aviation and other fields.
  • 5. [Control Panel] AUTOOL HTS708 dry ice blasting cleaner is equipped with an intelligent microcomputer, which can precisely control the pressure and freely adjust the pressure and speed.

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