Why does the car suddenly lose power?

Spark plug is an important part of the ignition system of the car, gasoline engines have at least one spark plug per cylinder (a cylinder of high-performance engines have 2 spark plugs), if a cylinder of the spark plug failure, although the car can drive, but the power will be significantly reduced, and a series of failure phenomena. Spark plug performance and working conditions directly affect the engine running state, and working conditions lead to spark plug wear parts, need to be replaced regularly.

spark plug
So if your car suddenly power down, it is likely to be the cause of spark plug failure.

Get to know the spark plug

We can understand it as: the spark plug is the heart of the engine.

The role of spark plugs

The spark plug is a device that ignites the mixed gas of gasoline and air that enters the combustion engine. It works under severe conditions of high temperature and high pressure. It is one of the vulnerable parts of the gasoline engine. It plays an arrogant and tense role in the operation of the engine. It has a lot to do with whether the car is fuel-efficient and whether it can operate stably.

car spark plug

The performance of spark plug damage

1: The electrode is melted and the insulator is white. Diagnosis: This phenomenon indicates that the temperature in the combustion chamber is too high. This may be caused by excessive carbon deposits in the combustion chamber, resulting in too small valve clearance, which may further cause overheating of the exhaust valve or poor operation of the cooling device.

2: The electrode becomes round and the insulator is scarred. Diagnosis: This indicates that the engine is pre-ignition, which may be caused by premature ignition time, low gasoline octane number, and high spark plug calorific value.

3: Diagnosis of insulator tip fragmentation: Generally speaking, knocking combustion is the main cause of insulator rupture. Premature ignition time, low gasoline octane number, and high temperature in the combustion chamber may all cause the engine to knock and burn.

car spark plug
If you want to know the performance of car spark plugs that need to be replaced, you can click here to know more.

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