The most common questions of dry ice machine

With the rapid development of industrial production technology, product demand increases, traditional cleaning technology has been unable to solve the cleaning problem of the modern production process, and the emergence of dry ice cleaning machines has given manufacturers hope. But there are still a lot of people who are not familiar with dry ice machines, today we will talk about several common problems of dry ice cleaning machine.

How does the dry ice machine work?

The principle of a dry ice cleaning machine is that the cleaning system will spray dry ice particles of the dry ice cleaning machine to the surface of the object, and then need to remove the surface of the object through high-pressure air at high speed and use the low-temperature physical reflection of dry ice to expand 800 times so that the dirt burst caused by different substances with different separation speed separation. When dry ice particles at -78 degrees Celsius come into contact with dirt surfaces, they become brittle and explode, causing the dirt to shrink and loosen. The dry ice particles will immediately vaporize and expand 800 times, creating a powerful stripping force that will quickly remove dirt. Completely fall off the surface of the object, thus achieving a fast, efficient, safe, and energy-saving cleaning effect. The carbon dioxide used in dry ice cleaning comes from industrial exhaust, high-altitude air separation, etc. Dry ice cleaning itself does not produce carbon dioxide.

What scenarios does the dry ice machine apply to?

At present, dry ice cleaning machine is widely used in automobile manufacturing, electronic manufacturing, and the food industry. It is widely used in rubber, casting, automobile, ship, power, chemical, printing, plastics, food, medicine, aviation, and other fields, and even some residential environment (mold repair, fire repair, etc.).

What are the benefits of a dry ice machine?

1, save labor costs and water resources, avoid product waste caused by cleaning

2, solve the harm of traditional cleaning, reduce the production cost, improve production efficiency

3, can clean multiple angles;

4, will not produce secondary pollution after cleaning, dry cleaning can be used for a variety of fields;

5, avoid tedious safety precautions, provincial labor

6, replace the traditional cleaning method, avoid environmental noise and danger

7, there will be no wear on the objects that need to be cleaned, and it will not affect the smoothness of the objects

8, Avoid production interruption caused by downtime

Can the dry ice machine remove rust?

Dry ice spray can remove rust stains from the metal, but the underlying chemically etched surface resulting from the rusting process is not altered, leaving the metal surface clean but pitted. But it’s also good because it preserves the surface integrity of the metal. Suppose you want to prevent something made of iron or steel from rusting, you need to prevent the metal from coming into contact with oxygen to prevent the metal from being affected by oxidation.

What are the characteristics of a high-quality dry ice machine?

A high-quality dry ice machine should have efficient cleaning ability, adjustable control of air pressure and ice speed, precise control of pressure, and a long enough sandblasting hose, preferably able to support customization. For example, Autool HTS708 dry ice cleaning machine is such a device, it has a built-in intelligent microcomputer, can freely adjust the pressure and speed, and sublimation after cleaning, leaving no residue, greatly saving your time and labor. AUTOOL promises 3 years warranty, lifetime repair, if the damage is not caused by human factors, AUTOOL promises 3 years free replacement parts.

Autool HTS708 dry ice cleaning machine
Autool HTS708 dry ice cleaning machine

Autool HTS708 dry ice cleaning machine

Dry ice cleaning machine for enterprises to create the interests, can not teardown online without pollution cleaning, can achieve rapid and effective cleaning method to let the product gets the advantage of time, also, it reduces the dry ice cleaning machine cleaning cost, compared with the general cleaning method and dry ice cleaning can online cleaning, greatly reduce the cleaning time, avoid the traditional methods need protection, cooling, disassembly and sewage, and sand treatment, save drying time, high production efficiency, less time consuming, improve the safety of maintenance personnel, can effectively clean high-temperature equipment, reduce the use of solvents. If you have the need, you can use Autool HTS708 to effectively help you clean! For more, check out the video or click on the product link here.

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