What is a circuit tester?

Circuit tester meaning

A circuit tester is also known as an online circuit repair tester, and a circuit board fault detector is a general-purpose circuit board fault detection equipment. The voltage detectors have a series of indicators that show the wiring status in the socket, so the technician can verify that it is properly installed. The circuit tester has a universal digital/analog integrated IC device library for online functional testing of integrated IC.


Circuit tester recommended

The circuit tester has many choices on the market, each has its variety, characteristics are not the same, editor today recommended a AUTOOL BT260 automotive circuit tester.

circuit tester
AUTOOL BT260 circuit tester

It is appropriate for all 6V to 30V vehicle electrical system diagnoses. Ac voltage detection, DC voltage detection, resistance detection, diode testing, and current overload protection testing can be performed simply by connecting the tool to the vehicle battery. It has a long enough detection cable to cover from the front to the rear of the vehicle, making it easy to check the entire circuit system.

voltage detectors

If you have this circuit tester, you can easily solve your automotive circuit detection problems, more product information can be found here.

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