Something about car battery tester that you need to know

The testing car battery is a very important part for car users, but unfortunately, quite a few owners don’t check their batteries until the battery fails. In general, automotive battery testing should be done twice a year to avoid complete battery failure. So what knowledge should be known about car batteries? Is there a better car battery tester to check car battery failures?

Symptoms of car battery failure

1. Dim light

Lighting is a good indicator of whether a car battery is a problem, and if your car is fully charged and the lights are dimmed, it means there is a problem with your battery. If the brightness of the lamp is normal and the intensity does not change at engine speed, your charging system may be working properly.

2. Difficulty starting the car

Difficulty in starting a car is also one of the important manifestations of car battery failure. If the car is suddenly difficult to start, it means that the car’s battery is faulty and maybe nearly scrapped, and the car owner should replace the battery in time.

What causes car battery failure

1. Driving infrequently, or running electronic equipment when the engine is not started, or draining the battery in other ways.

2. If your battery is always charged at less than 80% power, acid stratification may occur. This means that the electrolyte will accumulate at the bottom of the battery, causing the upper part to lack acid. Acid stratification will reduce the performance of the battery and may cause its failure.

What is a safe and effective way to detect car battery problems

The engine and car lights can be used to determine the car battery problem initially, but it is still not accurate enough, and it is impossible to obtain more information about the car battery.

The best way is to test through a professional car battery tester. There are many testers on the market, such as the recent popular AUTOOOL BT760 Battery Tester. It can help car owners solve this problem. It not only supports multiple languages but also has a one-click print report function, which is convenient for car owners. Friends in need can click here to view product details.

AUTOOOL BT760 car battery tester

With the change of driving habits, the car on the electric equipment is increasing more and more, for the car battery pressure is also increasing. If you do not carefully check and maintain it, the car battery will easily fail. Therefore, car owners must strengthen the inspection and maintenance of car batteries, to avoid the occurrence of battery failure for our driving trouble.

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