The best solution to limit driver distraction: Head up display

Head up display (HUD) is a technology that uses devices on the dashboard to project information onto the windshield, originally designed to improve the lives of Air Force pilots. It has now penetrated into the automotive industry, once the technical features are unique to luxury brands, mainstream cars now also have these features… 

The benefits of head up display to driving

In the existing system, you need to look down at the GPS map to determine the location, and your eyes should be on the road at this time. However, HUD technology allows you to focus on driving instead of anything else. It makes things much easier because all you need to do is simply follow the virtual lines and arrows. HUD keeps you informed on some of the most crucial elements of driving such as speed, road signs, and directions. Therefore, when considering buying a car, it is better to choose a car equipped with a head display.

head up display

Third-Party Head-up Display

Several aftermarket suppliers offer dedicated HUD systems. These are boxlike units you can attach to your vehicle’s dashboard. They also project an image to the windshield. Transportable among multiple vehicles, they typically plug into any 12-volt power port or OBD2 port.
Drawing on their own GPS capability or directly from your vehicle’s OBD2 port, these units can provide lots of information like vehicle speed, RPMs, battery voltage, navigation information, and more. Prices range from $30 to $1,000 or more.

Third-party Head up display recommendation


head up displayhead up displayhead up displayhead up display
AUTOOL X500 OBD2 HUD is one of the devices with better quality and functions on the market. The display, including speed, fuel consumption, water temperature, etc., is easy to use, no restrictions on car models, and the price is not high, suitable to buy.

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