Are your fuel injectors easily clogged?

Engines run on fuel and air. There are multiple ways in which air and fuel are mixed together in the engine. Sometimes it is a carburetor, but more often, it is a fuel injector. Your vehicle’s engine requires the right amount of fuel and air mixed together to work efficiently and effectively. Usually, the engine requires 14.7 units of fuel for every one unit of air. Therefore, it is important to keep your fuel injector clean so that it can function properly. You need an injector cleaning machine and injector testing machine to maintain the health of your vehicle’s engine.

How does the automotive fuel system work?

Cars Fuel System

The automotive fuel system works by mixing air and fuel and injecting the mixture into the engine for combustion. The fuel is added into the fuel tank, and then fuel is supplied to the fuel filter then to the fuel pump. Then it pumps the fuel into the carburetors, where it is mixed with air. The mixed air is then sent to the engine for combustion.

In modern engines, the carburetor is replaced with a fuel injector for proper mixing of the air and fuel to increase the efficiency of the engine. The mixed air is inserted into the fuel injector, and the injector sprays the fuel into the engine. This process is known as fuel atomization. It divides the fuels into particles and helps in combustion, increasing the efficiency of the engine. This means fuel injector plays a critical role in the efficiency of the engine. Therefore, people use an injector cleaning machine and injector testing machine to keep injectors clean and undamaged.

What happens when the injector is bad?

When the fuel injector is bad and is malfunctioning, it hampers the proper mixing of air and fuel. It also disturbs its atomization process. This drastically reduces the efficiency of the engine. Moreover, when the fuel injector is bad, the engine misfire and send vibration throughout the vehicles. It also results in car start failures, flooding of fuel, and pre-ignition. Therefore, you need an injector cleaning machine and injector testing machine to keep your vehicle’s injector intact.

The most cost-effective product for cleaning and testing fuel injectors – Autool CT150

So far, it has become crystal clear that a fuel injector is critical for the engine. Now the question is, what is the best injector cleaning machine and injector testing machine tool. The answer is simple: AUTOOL CT150 Injector Ultrasonic Cleaner & Tester With 4 Cylinders Tool developed by AUTOOL.

How to clean and test the injectors with CT150

Now, you must be thinking about how AUTOOL CT150 Injector works.

Here is how the injector cleaner works.

  1. Connect injectors to the machine’s ultrasonic bathtub
  2. Add special auto-injector detergent into the machine
  3. Put the machine on Cleaning Mode and turn on the ultrasonic system.
  4. That’s it.


Here is how injectors tester works.

  1. Add test liquid into the main machine
  2. Connect injectors on the main machine
  3. Test injectors for resistance, current draws, and shorts
  4. That’s it


In conclusion, AUTOOL CT150 is the best injector cleaning machine and injector testing machine available in the market. AUTOOL offers free and fast shipping to the US, the EU, and Russia. The best thing is that it has 30 days return policy. So, if you are looking for the best injector cleaning machine and injector testing machine, then AUTOOL CT150 by AUTOOL is the most reliable tool.

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