Still using the traditional method of cleaning engine carbon?

When your car has been used for a long time, carbon will inevitably be formed in the engine injectors, intake valves, combustion chambers, and other parts. The carbon will cause our car hard to start, unstable idle speed, shaking, weak acceleration, high fuel consumption, loud noise, and other problems. So it is necessary to clean carbon regularly, so what are the methods to clean carbon?

car engine carbon deposits

Common methods to clean carbon

1. Infusion bag cleaning

  A bag filled with the pressurized atomized cleaning agent, the cleaning agent into the air intake, and throttle, injectors and other parts of the carbon dissolved, and then use the engine high speed, the cleaned carbon blown out of the engine. It can only clean light carbon deposits.

2. Fuel Cleaner

Pour the cleaner into a machine that can be pressurized, then spray the cleaner into the combustion chamber, let the cleaner react with the carbon and dissolve it, and then pump out the waste liquid. But at present, the quality of the cleaner varies, it is not easy to identify.

3. Disassembly and cleaning

This is the most commonly used method when carbon accumulation is serious, remove the intake manifold and engine cylinder head and other parts of the engine for cleaning, good cleaning effect, but more trouble, need to go to the repair store.
Today there is a better way to clean carbon, compared to the traditional cleaning method, which can have a good cleaning effect, while the operation is more convenient. It is the walnut sand cleaning method. Many people may still only know that walnuts are an important source of nutrition, but they are not aware that walnut shells can be applied to carbon cleaning.

car engine carbon deposits cleaning

How to use walnut grit to clean carbon deposits

Walnut grit is the processed fine particles of walnut shells. The principle of using walnut sand to clean carbon is to load walnut sand into the equipment, the equipment uses compressed air as the power, through the compressed air in the pressure tank to establish the working pressure, the walnut sand through the sand felling pressed into the sand pipe, in the nozzle high-speed spray, sprayed into the engine air intake inside.

Walnut grit
The carbon deposits in the engine manifold are very stubborn and difficult to reach with traditional cleaning tools. Walnut grit, however, can get into the smallest corners and remove any carbon deposits. At the same time, it is an environmentally sustainable solution and saves us money.
There are already many proven devices on the market that use walnut grit, such as the AUTOOL HTS558, which is one of the best devices available and is not an expensive investment.

autool hts558 carbon deposits cleaner

Prevention of carbon deposits

While the carbon is cleaned, we also need to take care of the prevention of carbon build-up:
1. Use high quality fuel
2. Do not idle for a long time
3. High RPM
4. Use high quality lubricants
Although carbon buildup is inevitable, the above methods can slow down the formation of carbon buildup to a certain extent.


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