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Fuel injectors are used to inject the fuel into the combustion chamber of the engine. It makes sure that the engine gets a constant and precise input of fuel, and it is also responsible for adjusting the air-fuel ratio as the conditions vary.

Over time, it can develop carbon deposits inside the injector, which will essentially clog the system and prevent an adequate amount of fuel from being injected into the engine. The injector is also tasked with dispersing the fuel to ensure that it is well mixed with air. The blockades in the system will hamper the dispersing ability of the injectors as well.

car fuel injector

What are the common problems caused by clogged fuel injectors?

1. Lack of power

Any restriction in the fuel injectors will cause the engine to run on a lean mixture. This means that it will not have adequate fuel to make use of all the air being sucked into the engine.

This effect will be magnified in turbocharged cars, as they inject a lot of air when running under boost, and they require the injectors to run at full efficiency.


2. Misfires

It might cause the engine to misfire. When that happens, you will be easily able to hear the distinctive abnormal rhythm of the engine. This happens when all of the fuel being injected does not reach the engine, and it can harm the engine if the issue is not addressed immediately.

3. Longer crank times or the car will not start at all.

Long crank times indicate that there are leaks within the fuel injector. The injectors need to build up some pressure inside the fuel rails for ignition. If there are leaks, it will take a longer time. If it is not able to hold the immense pressure, the engine will not start.

How do a fuel injector tester and cleaner work?

The fuel injectors are cleaned and tested by fitting the fuel injector in the cleaning machine. The machine will simulate a situation similar to what it might experience in the engine bay. You will be able to observe the spray pattern and the volume of the fluid being sprayed by the fuel injector.

It can also use several solvents to dissolve the impurities inside the injectors. The fluid sprayed at high pressure will help to remove the impurities from the injector.

With the Autool CT180, you will be able to test the injectors for sprayability, leakage, and injection flow. You can test up to four injectors simultaneously, and the smart gauge and touchscreen enable the user to accurately set the parameter to conduct the test.

AUTOOL CT180 fuel injector cleaner and checker

It can conduct the test automatically, which will save you a lot of time if you test a lot of injectors regularly. It works in any voltage range between 110V and 230V.

The ultrasonic cleaning module you get along with the cleaner can make use of ultrasonic sound waves to remove stubborn impurities inside the injector. Autool also offers a three-year warranty. Features such as the 4.4-inch touchscreen display and the ultrasonic module separate it from the solutions offered by the other brands.

If you are interested in the AUTOOL CT180 fuel injector claener and checker, you can watch the video below to learn more details:

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