What is better about a brake fluid changer than a manual change?

Why do you need to change your brake fluid

After using brake fluid for a certain period, there will be the lower boiling point, pollution, and different degrees of oxidation and deterioration. The brake fluid itself is a very stable pressure oil, chemicals, and high temperatures do not easily cause it to deteriorate.
But it has one characteristic, is that it will absorb water in the air
The brake hydraulic system must be connected to the atmosphere to function properly. When air bubbles appear in the brake fluid circuit, the brake performance will be reduced. Therefore, brake fluid should be used according to the climate, operating environment, seasonal changes and working conditions, etc. Therefore, brake fluid should be replaced on time according to the climate, operating environment, seasonal changes, and operating conditions. The general brake fluid replacement interval is two years.

brake fluid change
Why brake fluid changer is better than manual

More and more people are choosing to change their brake fluid by machine instead of manually, the main reason being that machines can save more time and effort, while oil changes can be more thorough. Manual oil changes are more troublesome and laborious, and they are not as effective as machines. So if you haven’t chosen to use a brake fluid change machine to change your brake fluid, you will be wasting a lot of time and effort on oil changes.

brake fluid change by handUse of brake fluid changer

Let’s take AUTOOL AST605 brake fluid changer as an example, which is one of the best brake fluid changers available. Applicable to European, American, and Asian car models:
For one sub-pump changing oil at the same time, it is fast and labor-saving.
Adjustable pulse oil change, which can effectively clean the pipeline and change the oil more thoroughly.
Powerful recycling function, while quickly recycling used brake fluid Water separation and filtering device in the air inlet to avoid mixing air moisture with oil

AUTOOL AST605 brake fluid changerSteps to use

1. Raise the car to a suitable height so the drive wheels are not on the ground.
2. Connect the one oil pot of the device to the car brake cylinder, and loosen the exhaust screw of the brake cylinder to ensure that oil flows out.
3. Pour in 2L new brake fluid from the fuel filler port of the equipment, and find the matching model connector to connect to the fuel filler of the brake master cylinder.
4. Connect to 12V car power and turn on the power switch button.
5. Press the Vacuum Switch button.
6. Press the Fuel Switch button to change the brake fluid.
7. During the oil changing process, look at the car brake oil tank mouth, if the refuel is too slow, press the acceleration switch button on the device to accelerate refueling; if it’s too fast, press the deceleration switch button to slow down.
8. After the oil change is completed, drain the waste oil from the oil tank of the equipment.

AUTOOL AST605 brake fluid changer1

That’s all the steps for the operation. After reading this you still don’t want to have a brake fluid changer?

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