The best Fuel Injector Cleaner for you — AUTOOL CT400

Why You Need an Injector Cleaner

Fuel injectors need to be cleaned after a certain amount of miles are covered. The average range is 1500-1600 miles before the injectors become clogged and symptoms like poor acceleration, high emission rate, and stalling. Irregular sprays from the injector may also lead to excessive use of fuel and poor mileage.  This is the reason why we need fuel injector cleaners. Fuel injector cleaners are of many types and available on the market. Today, we will focus on a special one.

cleaning fuel injectors

AUTOOL CT400 GDI is the latest addition to the modern arsenal of fuel injector cleaners. Multi voltages in GDI injectors make it a great tool for different types of injector testing.

fuel injector cleaner AUTOOL CT400

Features of AUTOOL CT400 GDI Fuel Injector

Every buyer wants to focus on the highlights of the fuel injector before buying it. Well, here are the highlights of the AUTOOL CT400 GDI fuel injector cleaner:

  • Ultrasonic cleaning that ensures the thorough cleaning of the injectors
  • Used for fuel injector test to test pressure, trumpets, and carbon accumulation. Provides reliable results.
  • It has a wide range of voltages that makes it operatable to perform different types of injectors testing.
  • 60W of significant power and a cooling fan with thermal protection to boost the injector cleaning
  • 6-cylinder design with 2 draining ports that makes it easy to clean six injectors at the same time. This saves a lot of time and effort
  • A portable drawer at the bottom to keep needed tools and accessories.
  • 3-year warranty with reliable customer support

specifications of AUTOOL CT400 fuel injector cleaner

Comparison with Other Fuel Injector Cleaners

Most of the characteristics of other famous fuel injector cleaning machines and Autool are the same; however, unlike other fuel injectors cleaning machines like Mophorn and Beley, the Autool CT400 GDI has an advantage due to its modern GDI system that makes it compatible with a wide range of vehicles (Almost 90 percent of vehicle brands)

Mophorn is said to be one of the best fuel injector cleaning machines out there, but it has a rating of a mere 2.9/5 on Amazon compared to the excellent 4.2/5 of the Autool CT400 that clearly shows that Autool CT400 is comparatively better than its competitors out there.

fuel injector cleaner AUTOOL CT400.1

Variable voltage to perform different types of injector testing depending on the type of injector is also a distinctive feature of the Autool CT400 GDI.

Customer reviews of CT400 fuel injector cleaner

No matter what the website tells you, it is the opinion of people that matters the most. People who have used the product can guide you better than anyone else. They have tried the product and have developed a fair opinion. Let us take a look at some of the reviews that we selected from Amazon:

“The quality of the product is excellent already. I am using it in my small workshop.”

“Works as should. Easy to set up. No issues so far. :)”

The above reviews reflect the quality of our gadget. Easy-to-use, 3 years warranty, and smooth working are all that you require. You can click here:, to learn more details.

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