How to keep the car’s battery healthy in winter

We know that both car ignition and in-car electronic equipment require batteries to provide electricity.

In the winter, because the temperature of the operating environment is low, and the car consumes more electricity than other seasons, it will be prone to failures. In winter, it is necessary to frequently check and maintain the battery.

Battery maintenance

1. Turn off the lights and air conditioner after turning off the flame

2. If you don’t use it for a long time, you can remove the battery and put it in a warm room

3. Don’t start the car frequently

4. Don’t start time too long

Battery tester

Many pairs of car battery testing, to check the health status of the battery and determine whether it needs to be replaced, the traditional auxiliary test can only reflect the battery charge (SOC) rather than the state of health (SOJ),

We recommend to you a powerful and excellent professional car battery tester-AUTOOOL BT760. The AUTOOL BT760 car battery tester uses a color screen and a simple printer design to provide a better user experience.

BT760 uses advanced conductivity testing technology to provide you with accurate test results and print them out within a few seconds.


AUTOOL BT760 can perform various tests from battery system tests to maximum load tests, start-up system tests, and charging system tests.

With these and other testing options, users will be able to experience the best technology. You can easily measure the overall health and function of the battery by simply performing a complete system charging test.

2. Multilingual

Support 12 languages, other languages can also be customized

3. Provide 3 years free warranty

For damage caused by non-human factors, AUTOOOL promises to resend the parts free of charge within 3 years.

Whether it is winter or other times, use this professional battery tester to check and maintain it frequently, and your battery will have a good lifespan.

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