Driving yourself is much higher than the official fuel consumption? What is the problem?

Gas mileage in cars is a topic that comes up often. Whether you own a car or not, most people expect to buy a car with low gas mileage. But sometimes, even if you buy a model that boasts low gas mileage, you still find yourself driving with higher gas mileage than the official one. Why is this? Veteran drivers with years of driving experience give their opinions, and every word makes sense.

First, too much weight

too much weight

Needless to say, the amount of fuel consumption of a car is still closely related to the carrying capacity of the car. Some car owners like to put some miscellaneous things in the trunk, regardless of whether it is big or small, are randomly stuffed in. And often just stuff things in, rarely take things out, miscellaneous things have been left in the trunk. This is very unwarranted and can lead to increased fuel consumption during car startup and driving, far exceeding the official fuel consumption.

Car owners should regularly clean up the trunk items, can not be ignored because of the convenience of the figure, or you can only watch their driving fuel consumption plummet.

Second, negligent maintenance

Second, negligent maintenance

As we all know, the car needs regular maintenance. But some car owners do not have this awareness, but think that often to do maintenance to the car is a waste of money.

Car owners who find that fuel consumption increases when driving, then it may be that the engine is being neglected. The engine is called the “heart” of the car, and in the long run, the engine will produce carbon, which will affect the normal driving of the vehicle and will also lead to a sudden increase in fuel consumption. Therefore, car owners should pay attention to regular maintenance of the engine.

Third, the car tire pressure is too low

Third, the car tire pressure is too low

Tires are the basic accessories of a car and play an important role that cannot be ignored. When the car tire pressure is too low, the contact surface between the tires and the ground will increase, and the resistance of the vehicle will also increase, and over time, fuel consumption will naturally increase. Therefore, when the owner finds that the vehicle forward resistance is too large, should promptly stop to check the tire pressure of the four tires. If you find that there is tire pressure is too low, should be dealt with in a timely manner.

Four, vehicle acceleration, emergency braking too often

Four, vehicle acceleration, emergency braking too often

ome owners have bad car habits, one of which is to like frequent acceleration and emergency braking. Such a way will cause a steep increase in vehicle fuel consumption, but also not conducive to safe driving. This habit should be corrected in time, not repeatedly.

When driving around, car owners should have a certain ability to anticipate. For example, if you see a green light counting down to a red light, then you should pre-judge whether your speed can pass the intersection. If not, then they should slow down in advance and wait for the next green light to come. Never accelerate forward suddenly because of a red light and end up having to brake sharply, which can injure your car.

These are the four reasons given by experienced drivers for the sharp increase in fuel consumption of their vehicles. If you find that your car’s gas mileage has increased, then you can reflect on whether you have any of the above problems.

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