Do you know when your car spark plug needs to be replaced?

Spark plugs are an important part of the ignition system of automobiles. Each cylinder of a gasoline engine has at least one spark plug (a high-performance engine has 2 spark plugs in one cylinder). If the spark plug of one cylinder fails, although the car can be turned on, the power will be significantly reduced. And a series of failure phenomena occurred. The performance and working conditions of the spark plug directly affect the running state of the engine, and the working environment leads to the spark plug-wearing parts, which need to be replaced regularly.

car spark plug

How do we know if there are problems with the spark plug without a car spark plug tester?

1. Poor acceleration

Because the electrode gap of the spark plug is too large, it cannot provide stable ignition energy, and sometimes it can’t even ignite. When we need power, it’s like dragging. This kind of spark plug needs to be replaced when there is a feeling of a pause when accelerating.

2. Difficult or unable to start the car

Sometimes the car will turn off when idling after a cold start, sometimes it will turn off automatically when waiting for the traffic light, or even turn off repeatedly for no reason. In addition, the car is difficult to start or unable to start, which means that there is probably a problem with the spark plug of more than one cylinder. In a four-cylinder car, more than two cylinders are not working properly, and, likely it will not start.

3.Regular jitter of the engine

When the engine is idling, when sitting in the car and holding the steering wheel with your hand, you can feel the engine shaking regularly. But sometimes when the engine speed is higher than the idling speed, the jitter failure phenomenon disappears, and no jitter occurs when the accelerator is stepped on. Such idling jitter phenomenon can indicate that the performance of the spark plug has begun to decline, and it can be considered whether the spark plug has reached the replacement cycle.

Use a spark plug tester to detect problems

When the above problem occurs in the car, it means that there is a problem with the spark plug of your car. We can test it with a car spark plug tester to see what the problem is.

Autool SPT360 car spark plug tester is a good tool to do that. It is a digital high-frequency tester used to test the performance and strength of spark plugs, improve the test accuracy and the work efficiency of maintenance personnel.

car spark plug

Operation steps:

1、Insert the new spark plug into the hole ①, and insert the old spark plug into the hole ②③④⑤;

2、Insert the power adapter into the ⑩power port on the back of the host, the indicator light is on;

3、Turn on the power switch and press the up and down keys to adjust the working frequency. The higher the frequency, the higher the strength of the spark plug;

car spark plug

If you wanna know more about the car spark plug tester, you can watch the video below or click the link here to see the product details.

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