A Really Simple and Convenient Spark Plug Tester

Like all other mechanical things, spark plugs will have their day. However, just because a plug is not starting does not mean it is the problem. Lack of spark could be due to a plethora of other faulty electrical components. That’s why many people want to know the condition of the spark plugs by testing.
When their father made them hold the F-bomb, each one dropped the first, and probably the 40th, F-bomb spark plug he stepped on the motorcycle’s kick starter. While it may seem cruel and unusual, and with it his raspy laugh and his lifelong plot of revenge, it’s the kind of electric shock you’ll remember every time you work on your vehicle’s electrical system.

car spark plug tester

Fortunately, it’s a lesson you only have to learn once, and thank goodness that’s not the only way to test spark plugs. A convenient spark plug tester can solve many troubles for you

A Really Simple and Convenient Spark Plug Tester

Autool SPT101 is one of the most advanced spark plug testing tools on the market. Suitable for 12V vehicle, it can simulates actual engine operating conditions and works up to 6000rpm, and compatible with all crank engines and motorcycles on the market for spark plug testing. It can also test two holes at the same time and is designed with a protective cover to ensure safe operation of maintenance personnel during testing. This is the main reason for its popularity.

AUTOOL SPT101 spark plug tester

More Features of AUTOOL SPT101 Car Spark Plug Tester

1. It can test double holes at the same time to simulate engine work, which is more efficient and time-saving.
2. Operating frequency can be adjusted as needed.
3. Easy operation, plug and play. Come with indicator light, the status of the spark plug can be displayed more intuitively.

AUTOOL SPT101 spark plug tester1

Simple operation of AUTOOL SPT101 Car Spark Plug Tester

Step 1: Place the spark plug in the test hole.

Step 2: Cover the protective cover.

Step 3:Connect the power supply and adjust the working frequency .

Step 4:Observe the spark plug test status through the protective cover.

AUTOOL SPT101 spark plug tester operations
This will give you a good idea of the condition of your spark plugs and determine if they need to be replaced.

To learn more about the AUTOOL  SPT101, you can watch the video below:


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