What Is Carbon Engine Cleaning and What Is the Best Tool?

The engine is the heart of a vehicle. If the engine’s health is not good, it can drastically impact its performance by reducing its power. So, the maintenance of the car engine is essential to keep your car moving for the next thousand miles without requiring any attention. Multiple factors can impact the power of a car’s engine; however, carbon buildup is the leading cause. So you need to do engine carbon cleaning. If you are wondering what is carbon cleaning? What are its types? And what are the most effective carbon engine cleaning methods and tools? Then this article is for you.

Here is all you need to know about carbon engine cleaning.

Why do you need to clean engine carbon? Can it be avoided?

Vehicles use petrol and diesel to generate power. The combustion of these fuels produces carbon, tars, and gums as by-products. Many latest advanced vehicles use diesel particulate filters and catalysts to prevent the accumulation of carbon inside the walls and ducts of the engine. Despite these measures, a certain amount of sooty carbon accumulates on the walls of the engine. This narrows the duct and hinders the entrance of air into it, consequently reducing cars’ emission, power, and efficiency. Therefore, you need carbon engine cleaning.

Can it be avoided? No. As mentioned, many advanced vehicles use catalysts and filters to avoid accumulation, but these filters and catalysts only reduce the amount of accumulation, not completely avoid sooty carbon deposits. So, you need carbon cleaning periodically.

Different types of engine carbon cleaning

So far, it has become crystal clear that we need carbon engine cleaning to maintain the power and efficiency of our car’s engine. Now, you must be thinking about methods and techniques to remove it. Here are different types of engine carbon cleaning.

Manual Cleaning: In this method, you have to open the engine into scraps and clean it manually. It is a very tedious, time-consuming, and complex method. This method is becoming obsolete.

Use of Chemicals:  In this method, chemicals are added into the engine that reacts with the carbon deposits and removes them from the internal surface of the engine.

Using Tools: This is the best and the most effective method of carbon engine cleaning. Such inserts high-pressure air into it to remove carbon deposits.

The most effective carbon engine cleaning method and tool

The most effective way to clean engine carbon is with a walnut grit cleaner. And the most representative product is AUTOOL HTS558. AUTOOL HTS558, designed and developed by AUTOOL. It is best for cleaning engine intake pipe and value. The cherry on the top-it doesn’t take more than 3 minutes.

How to use AUTOOL HTS558? Very simple.

  • Remove the cover head of AUTOOL HTS558
  • Connect spray gun muzzle to recycle hose
  • Add walnut powder into the hose
  • Insert the spray gun muzzle into the engine.
  • Press the start button and start de-carbon cleaning.

That’s it.  For practical demonstration, watch this video.

So, if you are looking for an efficient tool to remove carbon deposits from your car’s engine to improve its efficiency, emission, and power, then AUTOOL HTS558 is the best option.

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