Why do cars emit smoke and what should be done?

The components of a car’s exhaust system work together to ensure that harmful gases produced by the car’s engine are safely expelled from the vehicle, which creates tail smoke. Car smoke problems can be large or small, and many people are always at a loss for what to do. Different colors of smoke present different problems, but there are always solutions.


Vehicle smoke type

  1. Black smoke: black smoke is due to the fuel system and the intake system is not smoothly caused by the mixing proportion of improper combustion is not complete, if your exhaust system has black smoke, should check the vehicle as soon as possible, otherwise,it will directly affect the normal running of the car. In general, this situation will also appear in the car engine jitter, exhaust pipe abnormal sound phenomenon. There are several possible reasons for this, including:
  • Clogged air filters
  • Clogged fuel injectors
  • Fuel pressure regulator is damaged
  • Fuel return line is blocked
  1. White smoke: in general, thin white exhaust smoke does not need to worry, but if a lot of white water vapor comes out and the engine is not running smoothly, even if the engine has preheated to normal working water temperature there is still a lot of water vapor, this situation needs to be paid attention to. It may be due to the wear of the cylinder pad of the engine cylinder, resulting in a certain gap, resulting in a large amount of water from the heat dissipation system into the combustion chamber. Water does not burn. When heated, it forms steam, which goes straight out of the exhaust pipe. At this time to shut down the engine and drag it to the repair shop to check the engine.
  2. Blue smoke: if the explosive force of the vehicle drops, the feeling of acceleration is weak, the noise becomes larger, the exhaust pipe has a blue smoke discharge and the burnt taste produced by oil combustion. This situation is generally due to the internal failure of the engine, resulting in oil into the combustion chamber and combustion. There are scratches on the inner wall of the cylinder, poor piston seal or serious wear of the valve, will produce gaps, and the oil that was originally responsible for lubrication will enter the combustion chamber through these gaps to participate in combustion, and the oil that can not burn will produce blue smoke when it is discharged out of the car. When blue smoke is found, it should be repaired to the maintenance station in time to prevent greater loss. In addition, the oil should be appropriate, too much or too little is not desirable.

Smoke machine for cars

In addition to these issues, vehicle system leaks can also pose safety issues, so it is important to conduct smoke testing. If you want to drive safely and avoid accidents, you need to test your car for smoke leaks, and the smoke machine for cars can help you to test your cars, such as the Autool SDT206 automotive smoke machine, which is a professional car pipe leak detector and tester. It can help us quickly and accurately locate the leakage of the automobile and motorcycle in the pipeline system, such as the intake system test, exhaust system test, crankcase system test, automobile seal test, fuel tank system test, turbine system test, various pipe fitting test. It is suitable for all models and has its air pump without relying on other machines and pressure gauges with precise scale.

Autool SDT206 automotive smoke machine
Autool SDT206 automotive smoke machine

The most important thing in driving a car is safety. Regular inspection of car problems is very important to avoid accidents.

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