Doing these 10 checks and maintenance for car can be safe for the winter!

Doing these 10 checks and maintenance for car can be safe for the winter!

In the cold winter after a sudden drop in temperature, car maintenance is very important. Experienced people in the industry believe that as long as you can do the following 10 car maintenance items, I believe your car will be smooth through the harsh winter.

10 checks and maintenance for car

    1. Lubricant

If you are using summer oil, it must be replaced, and the oil that has been used for a long time and has a dark color and poor adhesion should be changed to ensure smooth engine start-up.

 2. Antifreeze

The amount of antifreeze must be appropriate. Different regions and different models should pay attention to the freezing point degree and model of antifreeze. More than two years of antifreeze should be replaced. Mixed antifreeze must be used be replaced every year. Note that different brands and models of products should not be mixed.

    3. Electrolyte

The electrolyte in the battery should not be deficient, and it is good to keep the pole plate submerged by 10mm and check the specific gravity of the electrolyte to keep the charging amount. If the battery is not charged enough, it is easy to crack in the cold.

 4. Braking

Please pay attention to whether there is enough brake fluid and whether the quality is deteriorating, and refill or replace it in time when needed. Pay attention to whether the brake is weak. Runaway. High-speed brake pedal strength and the location of the wheel locking point when braking. If necessary, clean the entire brake system piping part.

 5. Four-wheel alignment

Winter road surface is prone to ice and snow, while rubber. Metal. Plastic and other materials harden at low temperatures. The handling system also becomes heavy. As a result, driving road feeling is weakening, and four-wheel alignment is not correct is very likely to affect safety.

 6. Rubber

Rubber becomes hard and relatively brittle in winter. Not only the friction system will be reduced, but also be easier to leak air than in other seasons. In winter, often clean up the inclusions in the tread, try to avoid using tires that have been patched more than once, and replace tires that are worn out and of different brands with different tread patterns is not to be ignored.

 7. Warm air

Check the warm air ducts and fans, especially pay attention to the windshield under the defrost vent is normal, whether the heat is enough, windshield defrost vent problems in winter driving will bring a lot of trouble and unsafe factors.

 8. Glass cleaning fluid

Glass cleaning in the winter will use less than other seasons, but can not be ignored, some people in other seasons with more water and clean water instead, but in winter those substitutes often freeze, so do not use in winter, must be put on the light to replace the glass cleaning fluid is not afraid of freezing, you can also add alcohol or white wine in the water to reduce the freezing point.

  9. Air conditioning

Winter air conditioning is not used, but the winter must check whether the air conditioning system is clean. There is no blockage of water phenomenon and must open about 5 minutes a week so that the machine parts can be lubricated to prevent the hose hardening.

  10. Waxing

After the winter, it is cold. Therefore, the number of brushing the vehicle will also be reduced, so waxing at the beginning of winter is the best policy to maintain the car paint. In addition, the waxed body is not easy to get water, so it is not easy to have the phenomenon of ice condensation in winter.

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