How To Remove Carbon Build Up In Engine?

All engines work on the principle of combustion. One of the major byproducts of combustion is carbon which at times gets accumulated in engines. This affects the overall performance of vehicles especially the ones with newer direct injection systems.

How Can I Tell If My Engine Is Blocked?

Not everyone possesses thorough knowledge about engines and thus it might not be possible for everyone to know whether or not their engines have been blocked by carbon.

However, here is a list of the various symptoms that may indicate that your vehicle is experiencing such a problem:

  • Poor acceleration and decrease in the power of the vehicle which results in a vexing driving experience.
  • Idling instability along with insufficient air intake.

How To Prevent Or Reduce Carbon Accumulation?

Several methods can help prevent and reduce carbon buildup in your car’s engine. Among them, the following are the most prominent:

  • Changing the vehicle’s oil regularly and using one with additives that prevent carbon buildup.
  • Using unleaded gasoline.
  • Cleaning the engine parts after regular intervals to remove carbon accumulation. An engine carbon cleaner machinecomes in handy for the process.
  • Redlining your vehicle’s engine can also help prevent carbon buildup. When a vehicle is driven at higher RPMs, it consumes more fuel and the carbon buildup in the engine and other parts arepushed out of the vehicle due to the high pressure.

Using these methods, it is possible to achieve a significant reduction in carbon buildup.

How To Remove Engine Carbon?

Let’s now see how carbon can be removed from engines.

  1. Conventional Methods

Using conventional methods, an engine is opened up to clean its different parts from carbon buildup.

It is a daunting procedure that necessitates professional expertise not only to completely remove the carbon buildup but also to properly reinstall the removed parts. The worst part of this method is that with just one wrong move, the car is susceptible to damage.

  1. Use of AUTOOL HTS558 Car Engine Carbon Cleaner

Although it is critical to have your car engine’s carbon buildup cleaned, no one has the time in today’s hectic world to take their cars to a mechanic for the needful.

In such cases, AUTOOL HTS558 is a useful device for meeting the needs of individuals looking for a car engine carbon cleaner.

The salient features of this modern gadget are as follows:

  • 3 years warranty, so you can clean your car’s carbon buildup without a worry in the world.
  • It enables the removal of even the most stubborn sticky carbon deposits, ensuring that your engine is as clean as you desire. Use it to remove carbon from intake and exhaust valves.
  • The external air source, with an output pressure of 120 psi, enables the walnut sand grit to attack carbon deposits with force, comfortably removing them.
  • The integrated design enables simultaneous spraying and recovery of walnut sand grit possible.

Why Is It Superior?

While other methods of removing carbon buildup are time-consuming and labor-intensive, AUTOOL HTS558 requires only a 20-minute process that even a novice can perform.

AUTOOL HTS558 engine carbon cleaner machine
AUTOOL HTS558 engine carbon cleaner machine

Advantages Of AUTOOL HTS558

This engine carbon cleaner machine is not only cost-effective but also extremely convenient as it reduces the need to visit your mechanic.

Its primary advantage is that it is a plug-and-play device, which means that no parts of your car have to be removed, keeping your vehicle safe from damage during the process.

Get Yours Right Now!

So, what are you waiting for? Act fast and get your AUTOOL HTS558 right now to protect your vehicle from the harmful carbon buildup that has been affecting your car’s performance.

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