What is a car fuel injector cleaner and how to use it?

What is a car fuel injector cleaner?

The automobile industry is a fast developing industry, and the fuel injector is an important part of gasoline direct injection engine. Fuel injector cleaner generally has three types: one is disassembly cleaning machine, the advantage is convenient cleaning, no disassembly operation, but there doesn’t have the test function, cleaning effect is not ideal. One is an ultrasonic injector cleaning machine, it can clean and test the injector and is widely used, but it needs to do disassembly operations. There is also a “two-in-one” model that combines the advantages of the first two.

The AUTOOL CT150 fuel injector cleaner is an ultrasonic injector cleaner, also has a cleaning injector without disassembly (need extra parts and extra cost, choose by yourself). It supports 99% of cars and motorcycles with good compatibility.

injector cleaner
AUTOOL CT150 fuel injector cleaner

Car injector cleaner how to works?

1.Clean the outside of the injector with a cleaning solution before starting. After there is no dirt outside the injector, put the injector into the ultrasonic bathtub. The cleaning fluid does not exceed the connection of the pulse line.

2.Turn on the ultrasonic system and use ultrasonic energy to remove any particles accumulated in the ejector. After cleaning, the remaining cleaning fluid can be recycled.

3.Fix the syringe on the host and test the resistance, short circuit, and current consumption of the syringe. The test fluid can be added to one-half of the glass tube.

4.Conduct leakage test, spray pattern, and flow rate test on the flow table. Now the injector returns to the flow table to retest all functions.

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