Dry ice blasting machine — a new industrial cleaning solution

Traditional cleaning method

Industrial operations cannot avoid large-scale cleaning tasks. Traditional cleaning methods often use strong chemical solvents, which often have toxic or harmful ingredients and are flammable, and they produce sewage that poses more problems for environmental protection. In addition, long downtime can be caused while waiting for the toxicity to evaporate. If sand and glass powder are used as cleaners, it is likely to damage the cleaning substrate and leave a residue that causes secondary contamination.

Dry ice blasting machine

The common dry ice cleaning process on the market is difficult to meet the flexible application due to the unstable demand for dry ice particles. In addition, once the pre-stored dry ice particles are not used for a long time, they will be affected by air humidity and condense into blocks, resulting in condensation phenomenon, leading to a series of problems when dry ice particles are loaded.

To solve these problems, we provide a set of efficient and safe dry ice spray industrial cleaning technology solutions, is the AUTOOL HTS708 dry ice spray cleaning machine. It almost subverts the traditional way of cleaning, using a new working principle, using

CO2 particles as a dry ice cleaning agent. AUTOOL HTS708 dry ice blasting machine is equipped with an intelligent microcomputer for precise pressure control and free adjustment of pressure and speed. It can be sprayed on metal, glass, plastic and other contaminated material surfaces can remove dirt, grease, paint, and any scale. Can thoroughly remove the dirt attached to the equipment, but also has good protection, in the cleaning at the same time to avoid affecting the operation and use of equipment. The delicate and soft CO2 dry ice particles are clean and dry, non-conductive, and non-flammable. While separating stains easily, they can be directly vaporized without the liquefaction process and disappear, leaving no moisture and residue and requiring no further treatment of cleaning agent residue, which can well combine the requirements of cleaning efficiency and environmental friendliness.

In addition, AUTOOL HTS708 dry ice machine can thoroughly clean carbon deposition in various parts of the car (such as throttle, intake valve, engine parts, cylinder combustion chamber, hub, etc.) without removing cleaning parts. This effectively reduces cleaning time and greatly improves efficiency.

AUTOOL HTS708 dry ice machine
AUTOOL HTS708 dry ice machine

Precautions for using the dry ice machine

The application of dry ice blasting machines is very wide, can be used in rubber, casting, automobile, ship, electric power, chemical, printing, plastic, food, medicine, aviation, and other fields. But the price of a dry ice machine is relatively high on the market, so it is best to protect the dry ice blasting machine as much as possible when using it. There are a few safety precautions to take when using a dry ice machine.

  1. Use a dedicated and stable power supply

If the power supply used by the dry ice cleaning machine is not stable, it will not only consume more power, but also affect the service life of the dry ice cleaning machine, so it is best to have a dedicated and stable power supply, and also have the function of overvoltage and

overload protection.

  1. Doing daily maintenance

To make the dry ice machine work better, it is essential to do daily maintenance. It is recommended to wipe the dry ice cleaning machine with a soft and clean cotton cloth regularly. In addition, it is also necessary to check the important parts of the dry ice cleaning machine regularly. If abnormal conditions are found, it is necessary to deal with them in time or replace new parts.

  1. Check before starting the device

The dry ice cleaning machine should do a good job of the relevant inspection before starting each time, not only to detect whether the power cable is normal but also to check whether the water level is normal. If the wire is broken or broken, it is necessary to replace the new line in time. If the water level is low below the scale, it is necessary to replenish the water source in time.

In addition, some precautionary safety measures should be taken when implementing industrial dry ice spray cleaning. Always use gloves and do not work in risk areas.


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