What is Automotive Smoke Machine? And Why Do You Need One?

Everyone should be able to carry out the basic repair and maintenance of their cars. To do this one must be equipped with proper tools and machinery. A plug changing kit, basic hand tools, and a puncture kit are necessities that all car trunks must-have. For modern cars add an automotive smoke machine to this list as well.

In this article, we’ll cover detailed information on the smoke machine for cars.

What is An Automotive Smoke Machine?

Smoking and vacuum leakages are often difficult to determine. An automotive smoke machine makes it possible to locate the exact position of the leak. Not only that but it also hints at the cause of that particular leak. 

The above definition is very brief but you can perform a variety of tests with an automotive smoke machine. These tests include intake system test, exhaust systems test, crankcase system test, car sealing test, fuel tank system test, turbo system test, and various pipe fittings test.

It does so by generating smoke. You connect the part with probable leakage with the machine. The smoke coming out of a hole with 0.01 inch or lesser diameter can be detected easily. We’ll cover the detailed method of using a smoke machine in some other articles as there are so many tests that can be performed with it.

The working and construction of smoke detectors can differ a bit based on their make and model. Some automotive smoke machines have inbuilt air compressors. However, some use external sources to generate air.

How Smoke Machine Can Help You Save Money?

Car care centers can charge you extravagant amounts of money for simple tests. Following is the cost of the test that you can easily perform yourself if you have a smoke machine.

  1. Intake system test – $110
  2. Exhaust system test – $105
  3. EVAP system test – $160
  4. Fuel tank leakage test – $65
  5. Crankcase system test – $115
  6. Car sealing test – $100
  7. Turbo system test – $120
  8. Pipe fitting test – $70

The total cost of all these tests comes to about $845. Compare this to the price of the Autool SDT206 smoke machine which costs only $295. Mind you that this is the best available smoke machine for cars on market right now with an inbuilt air compressor. 

I say that owning this smoke machine is a bargain and it can save you real money. 

What to Look for in a Good Automotive Smoke Machine

There are all different kinds of automotive smoke machines available on the market. All of these machines indeed work. But some might not bring about results you were expecting or their utility might not be as simple as others.

So consider this section a buying guide for an automotive smoke machine. You must consider the following things before purchasing them.

v Some smoke machines might not be suitable for every vehicle and car model. Always check the manual to find out its compatibility. It should work with your vehicle.

Better to purchase a universal smoke machine like the Autool SDT206 that works with all models and all sorts of cars, bikes, ATVs, boats, light trucks, and snowmobiles.

v The most important thing to consider is that your smoke machine must have an inbuilt air compressor. As you can be in a remote location where a compressor is not available.

v Look for easy -to-operating smoke machines.

v It must be one unit and compact in size.

v Smart features like overheating and anti-frost protection are a big plus.

Pro-tip: For setting pressure during testing your smoke machine must have an analog pressure gauge instead of a digital one. Digital gauges are prone to have errors.

Autool SDT206 automotive smoke machine
Autool SDT206 automotive smoke machine

If you’re looking for a product that has all these above features combined then consider visiting the below link:


Autool SDT206 is a great product at an affordable price. Plus you can avail free delivery option as well if you’re living in the U.S., Russia, and the EU.

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