How to clean car injectors more effectively

Fuel injectors are used in modern cars to replace carburetors for maintaining the proper air to fuel ratio. For complete combustion of gasoline, this air-fuel ratio should be maintained around 14.7:1; for every 14.7 grams of air, 1 gram of petrol should be supplied. Incomplete combustion can occur if not enough fuel (lean mixture), or more than required fuel (rich mixture) is supplied by the injectors.

fuel injectors cleaner

It is recommended to clean the fuel injectors at every oil change service to ensure a constriction-free fuel delivery system in your vehicle. Or if you are facing the following issues with your vehicle, you should try cleaning your vehicle’s fuel injectors

  1. Rough idle
  2. Poor fuel mileage
  3. Lack of power
  4. Engine knock

What is the function of cleaning the fuel injector and how to clean it?

Injectors spray a precise amount of fuel to mix with the incoming air, by opening the outlet for fractions of seconds. Over time injectors tend to clog up with dirt and debris in the fuel. With obstruction in the injectors lose the ability to

  • Atomize the fuel properly
  • Precisely open and then close the outlet injector
  • Forward accurate amount of fuel according to the requirement

Fuel injectors are cleaned to remove any dirt or debris inside them, not allowing them to perform properly.

Injectors are typically cleaned by spraying a cleaning liquid through them instead of regular fuel to break off any clogged-up particles in the way. Injector cleaning sprays can are attached to the fuel line with multiple hoses and the engine is run on the injector cleaning fluid from the can. The process can get tedious to set up and requires a compressor or compressed injector cleaning liquid.


Advantages of machine cleaning

An improved and easier way of cleaning the injectors is by giving the injectors an ultrasonic bath in a heated cleaning liquid. The ultrasonic vibrations dislodge any particles build-up inside the injectors. This method ensures thorough cleaning of any particles that are stuck inside or on the injector body. Some major advantages of machine cleaning the injectors includes

  1. Complete and thorough removal of any blockage inside the injectors
  2. Ability to recycle the cleaning liquid to reuse it after filtration.
  3. Trouble-free, and easy to perform and set up.
  4. Some machines also have a testing facility to ensure the cleaning has been done completely.

The most convenient fuel injector cleaner tool

The CT160 Fuel Injector Heating Ultrasonic Cleaner & Tester Machine by AUTOOL is an all-in-one injector cleaner and tester machine.

fuel indector cleaner

The machine comes with an ultrasonic injector cleaner compartment, and an injector test setup to test 4 injectors in parallel. The machine can perform a number of tests such as leak test, spray pattern test, and flow rate testing on the flow bench to ensure the injectors work correctly under all circumstances. You can also observe the spray pattern of each injector and the spray volume with the glass tube at the front side.

fuel indector cleaner

Feel free to head to our product page for more information regarding the pricing and the product features.

AUTOOL CT160 Fuel Injector Heating Ultrasonic Cleaner & Tester Machine

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