A great car engine carbon cleaner — HTS558

What is engine carbon deposit?

Many car owners may know that the engine will produce carbon deposits after driving for a long time, which may cause the performance of the engine to decline, lack of power and fuel consumption will increase. Carbon deposition is an inevitable phenomenon in the operation of all gasoline or diesel engines. It is the deposit of fuel or oil vapor attached to the metal surface, usually showing black or dark brown, generally appearing on the back of the intake valve, intake manifold, fuel injector, spark plug, and piston surface.

car engine carbon
engine carbon cleaning is not something that can be done all at once, it requires regular cleaning by car owners.

Different types of engine carbon clean methods

If you decide that you want to carbon clean your engine, then there are a few different ways to get it done. First, you can purchase a fuel additive like “Sea Foam,” which you can then spray into the engine and add to the gas tank to clean things up.
Another method involves a mechanic spraying a super-refined fuel into your car’s engine making it very hot and thus cleaning the internal components. Lastly, the most involved method includes tearing down the engine and cleaning the components with a solvent or by “blasting.” The blasting method is when a mechanic blasts the engine components with crushed walnut shells, which are abrasive enough to clean the deposits.

car engine carbon clean
Fortunately, there are easier ways to clean up carbon buildup nowadays.

Convenient car engine carbon cleaner — HTS558

AUTOOL HTS558 walnut powder engine Intake pipe valve clean machine is advanced equipment for clean engine intake carbon deposition. Keeping the engine in health status, make sure the engine provides high-quality power constantly.

car engine carbon cleaner
The Features of HTS558:
1. [Deeply remove carbon deposits] Deeply remove high-viscosity carbon deposits in the intake manifold and intake and exhaust valves. (Solve the problems of unstable idle speed, insufficient fuel combustion, and reduced air-fuel ratio.)

2. [External air source] Make walnut sand more effective against carbon deposits.

3. [Built-in dust filter] can separate recycled walnut sand from carbon deposits for recycling.

4. [Integrated design] Walnut grit can be sprayed and recycled at the same time.

car engine carbon cleaner

Walnut powder is pure natural polish material. It shows high performance in hardness, anti-pressure, and wear-resisting. Walnut powder hardness was lower than metal but higher than carbon deposition. Take these advantages, AUTOOL HTS558 will clean intake pipe and backside of intake valve thoroughly but no damage
Get AUTOOL HTS558 immediately, start your new business. If you wanna know more about the car spark plug tester, you can watch the video below

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